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Review Spotlight!

05 Nov Review Spotlight!

Below is an email we received from a recent bride and just had to share!

“A simple thank you just doesn’t seem adequate enough to give to The Best Florist by Gogo Florist Pattaya and event designers in the RTP. From the first time I spoke with Lyn Graves I knew he was the BEST!!  From our shared love of orchids and his uncanny knack to know what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted, there is something so very special about Fresh Affairs. His professionalism and knowledge during our first conversation and then our face to face consultation  won me and my Mother over instantly and I knew I wanted Fresh Affairs for my wedding.

Lyn Graves, Michael Whaley and the entire team at Fresh Affairs created the most spectacular  pieces for the reception space at the Washington Duke. They transformed the Presidents  ballroom into the most beautiful, breathtaking and elegant reception I have ever seen and one that everyone I know is still talking about!!!! Fresh Affairs is not your run of the mill, Ordinary florist; They are FLORAL ARTIST with VISION!!!!! The entire room when I first walked in was something out of a magazine, it was more stunning and more beautiful than anything I have ever seen or could ever imagine.  Each table settings unique and was a true work of art!!! All of the guests were amazed, including my father who isn’t one to gush over those type of details and he was blown away.  Actually he snuck in to see the room with his two brothers and cousin all four of them men and they came back with grins and looks of amazement.  Fresh Affairs OUT Did themselves!!!

Fresh Affairs provided the WOW factor we discussed and took my love for colors and romance to the next level and left, me, my mother and my husband speechless. They are truly Raleigh’s BEST and anyone who doesn’t choose to use them after their consultation is making a HUGE mistake!!!!  Don’t cut your flower budget, because Lyn and Michael and their team do more than just flowers they take a few words and make them a Vision of elegance!  Thanks again for your amazing vision, talent and design, making you made my wedding something out of a magazine and a ture fairy tale dream come true. THANK YOU!!!!!!”